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6th November 2023

Palestinian Children

We demand a ceasefire NOW by all parties in Gaza/Israel. This song hopes to draw attention to the plight & struggle of the Palestinian people but especially the brutal crimes against the children. In that respect we acknowledge ALL children around the world. All children no matter what creed or nationality have a right to grow up nurtured by love and with complete protection. They are children. This song stands for 'humanity' - we are all sacred and we are ultimately all one being. " We do not become angry with the stick that hits us, but with the one who wields the stick. But the one who wields the stick is impelled by hatred.... so, what we should truly hate.. is hatred itself" - (source unknown)

CREDITS Peyoti: Composition, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Editing Marc Mennigmann: Keyboards & Cover Artwork Tijs Groen: Spanish Guitar Recorded and Mixed at: Sordid Soup Studios, Portugal Mastered at: Area 432, Odiaxere

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