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April 30, 2021


Suffragette City

PLEASE READ. Consider these times. All areas in the chain of making & spreading music get paid. The studio, the digital distributor, the PR company, the playlist collators & the platforms themselves (usually through advertising). Incredibly, the exception is the artist who actually made it...! Nobody buys records anymore. Streaming Services have reduced artist income to ZERO, and during COVID times even the live shows have been cancelled. Your donations are essential to our survival, huge thanks! :- PAYPAL DONATIONS

" This is a dedication.... to Mr David Bowie, the star man himself, now, much love... and much respect.. and thank you for the music"

Super excited to be releasing this, as we're huge Bowie fans and this release marks 5 years since Bowie's passing in 2016.

The single release from this album also marks 50 years to the day since the original UK release of The Man Who Sold The World. 'Suffragette City' has been deliberately chosen as the lead song out of respect to the 100 year anniversary of women attaining the right to vote (USA). Enjoy!

Master Copyright 2021
Sordid Soup Records
Publishing Copyright 2021
Rzo Music, Sony/ATV, BMG
Reservoir Music, Carlin Music (UK)

The idea behind making this music was hatched in 2016 by Miah Wing Dimascio
I'd like to dedicate this album, & all its positive energy to her. Much Love, Dad

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