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The story so far…

Born out of the urban decay of London streets in 2005 and against all odds, Peyoti for President somehow became manifest. This magical anti-hero……this hallucinogenic icon of self-expression has continued to blaze his debauched trail of musical endeavours and visionary expression, leaving diamond shaped nuggets of inspired revolutionary passion in its wake. Little white pearls of unique authenticity.

The perfect antidote to the tiresome formulaic expression that is modern day ‘pop’ music (indeed any genre that has long since become worn-out by years of soulless plagiarism and finger bleeding repetition) Peyoti promises that again – like in the days of brave knights of regal bloodlines – we shall once more feel alive – with magic tearing through our veins and passion through our hearts.

Every activist, every rebel, every gipsy nomadic punk ever born who resonates with the life that lies behind the ancient tribal mask of Peyoti can hear the war cry of 21st century uprising. There is a new era that is dawning – like wild horses galloping across darkened cities – it can be heard in the wind – it can be heard like the cries of Peyoti himself – the cries of humankind – a yawning rift beckoning-in a new era of social evolution, social enterprise, social structure.

Peyoti for President is what’s new on the musical agenda, because he is of this time and born from it. The spirit of punk, the heart of the sixties protests movement & the soul of the Black Panthers. Wake up and smell the roses…..

Peyoti performs accompanied by his colourful musical crew of men… but increasingly he performs many a solo gig, his solo ventures these-days, spreading far and wide around the world.


With an International sound and Universal message, Peyoti has played festivals including Przystanek Woodstock (Poland), Rockwave (Greece), Colours of Ostrava (Czech Republic), Sfinks (Belgium), Bestival & Glastonbury (UK) and venues across Europe & UK including, Brixton Academy, 02 Shepherds Bush Arena, Londons Roundhouse and Queen Elizabeth Hall. Peyoti has supported or featured alongside Manu Chao, Gogol Bordello, Massive Attack, Iggy Pop, Nigel Kennedy, Buena Vista Social Club, Ojos de Brujo, Ozomatli, Tinariwen & headlined many concerts in the UK and Europe.

As a solo artist he has also played in South East Asia, US, South America and is planning a string of dates in South Africa in the beginning of 2018.