NEW RELEASE!! Who am I? …..EP


FIRST NEW STUFF SINCE 2011!!!! YES!!!!! The first release from Peyoti for President since 2011, entitled ‘ Who am I?’ is a conceptual EP recorded in Barcelona, talking about identity, or lack of it. It sees collaborations with known and unknown musicians all living in Barcelona.  We think its the most interesting and colourful of all Peyoti’s music to date. Tell us what you think??!  LISTEN


What Peyoti says… “Its been a while, since moving from London I have felt the desire to produce and release new music! I wanted to wait until I believed I had something worth-while. Who am I? (the original idea for which came in Italian, Chi Sono?), reflects the struggle for identity that I think we all have at times. I was raised not really knowing my cultural identity, until the age of 24 when I discovered my Italian heritage when I attempted to find out who my father was. And more recently, with Peyoti for President. Nothing stays the same for too long, this is a fact of life. The whole conceptual identity of ‘Peyoti for President,’ changed and I was left unsure as to what it stood for anymore. Living in Barcelona, a new life, a new city, you also loose your identity. It gets torn away slowly in little pieces. I think this is the case for all extranjeros. This struggle recently found a friend in the artwork of Professor Bad Trip, that is to say, seemed to be reflected in what I saw. We are all, plugged-in, switched-on and tuned-out, or at the very least.. tuned-into different things, complex and fucked up at times.. and then something familiar… even meaningful happens..” This EP is a dedication to the Italian artist (and also musician), Gianluca Lerici, better known as ‘Professor Bad Trip’, who’s art profoundly influenced me and as a consequence the recordings on this EP. Professor Bad Trips design can be found on the cover artwork of the EP.

A huge thanks to Jenamarie for her agreeing to this. All rights reserved Jenamarie Filaccio
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‘Who Am I?’ is dedicated to the memory of Professor Bad Trip, who sadly died, too soon, in 25th November 2006. EP Tracks, “Who Am I?”:- 1)  Chi Sono? 2) Sientete Extranjero 3) Professor Bad Trip 4) Alisha Malina