The Impact – features Peyoti !

Today we can announce with pride that Peyoti has a track featured on this great new feature length film, ‘Impact 50’, premiering today in London today 31st May 2022

We’d like to say a big congratulations to all the directors, screen writers and actors involved in this huge project.

It started off in 2015 to give creatives their break, their chance and a shot at making something impactful. ‘The Impact’ sets two new world records for the Most Screenwriters and Most Directors on a feature film. It’s been eight years in the making with sixty-seven writers and thirty-six directors, 2 world records broken…. And one actual apocalypse! 🔥

Super chuffed to have my remake of the old Angolan folk song, ‘Mon Ami’ included, contributing to this unique production. Initially a short-film, ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’ which was written and produced by Stephanie Van Driel and directed by Krisjan Knigge, filmed in southern Portugal.

Everyone has added their part and together we have created a human kaleidoscope of a film that has transcended individuality into the creative collective of a crowd created feature film project! Amazing!

Today is the premiere! We wish you all success over in London in seeing this impact finally come to fruition.

You can now Peyoti for President on IMDB! We’re thankful to have achieved it with an initiative that touches hearts for its collective collaboration and giving chances to creatives in the industry.

Gradually getting more and more cool music syncs !

The track I produced, ‘Mon Ami’, features the talents of my good friend & amazing vocalist Josephine Nightingale. Check out the film and more info here at Impact 50. The initial short film/music can be enjoyed here at Blood, Sweat & Tears.

You can listen to this track & more music available for licensing to TV/Film etc at Sordid Soup Music.